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Last week a stranger tried to buy this shirt off my back in Portland. This week they’re all over Houston. So, we’re doing another run of shirts. This time $18 with two different cuts, shipped directly to your door. You’ve got two weeks to get your order in.

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Worst Ep Ever or ‘The Song of the Bowie’ (07.01.2018 – Pentecost 6B)

Literally, our worst podcast ever.
World Cup fashion. Houston prep. Jesus doesn’t cut his losses. The song of the bow(ie).

00:30 – Free Tibet / World Cup talk
10:00 – Houston Prep
16:45 – Time for the Text
17:00 – 2 Samuel
28:45 – Mark – Curing the hemorrhaging woman and Jairus’ daughter
41:00 – Good News – Jesus doesn’t cut his losses
41:30 – The Playlist

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‘The Call of David’ or ‘All the Young Dudes’ (Pentecost 4B)

Breaking News from the Southwest California Synod Assembly. Breaking News from the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Breaking News from Neil Gaiman and Ta-Nehisi Coates. Then David, Jesus, and Bowie.

Time for the Text – (5:50)
Zach’s Book Report – (6:10)
Back to T4T – (10:00)
2 Corinthians (21:30)
Mark 4 (22:00)
Playlist (27:00)
Good News (26:45)

Waiting for the Man – David Bowie ’72 Santa Monica
All the young dudes – David Bowie
The great beyond – R.E.M.
From small things, big things one day come – Bruce Springsteen

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