The Triduum Project

Thanks to all the creators, hosts, and community that made the Triduum Project such a success. It was amazing to watch this thing come to life, resurrection. In case you missed any of the 54 hours you can now watch your favorite hour.

The Triduum Project 2020
The Intro: Welcome to the Triduum Project
Vigil at the Border with Sarah Sumner-Eisenbraun & Manuel Retamoza
Challah Baking with Brad & Holden Fuerst
Tyra “Tyralucia” Dennis featuring Josiah Williams
Rozella White and Friends
The Vinyl Preacher
Jonathan Rundman
Elizabeth Hood
Jason Chesnut
Ben Adams and Sourdough
Austin Hays from LEVN
Poetry with Tara Ulrich
Flathead Bible Camp
The Saint Jude’s Guild
The Triduum Project Role Playing Game: Part 1
Bishop Mark Holmerud
Ben Stewart (LSTC) and Friends
Chandler Carriker & Matt Simpkins
Drew Tucker (Capital/Trinity) and Friends
Priscilla Austin and Family
Cheryl Walenta Gorvie and Godly Play
Rachel Kurtz
YAGM Mexico
Carol Jacobson (PLTS) & SPSYC
AGAPE + Joe Davis
Jerry Wirtley
Lenny Duncan + Jason Chesnut
Spirit Garage
Megan Rohrer
Church of the Geek
Tuhina Rasche & the Serrano Bros.
The Triduum Project Role Playing Game: Part 2
YAGM Madagascar
Colleen Windham-Hughes (CLU)
Bread with Cristina Beauchamin
The Triduum Project Role Playing Game: Part 3
Josh Ebener & St. Andrew Lutheran Church (West Chicago)
Tim Brown
Brenda Bos
Sara Pearson
Art with Megan Sawyer & Friends
Morning Watch Kids
Leta Behrens and Praying in Color
YAGM Senegal
Adam White & Michael Chan (Luther Seminary)
Rob James & Erin Nelson
Cooking with the Semmler Smith Family
John Tirro
Allison Bengfort & St. John’s Lutheran (Wilmette)
Matt Keadle & St. Mark’s Lutheran (Los Angeles)
Trivia with Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp
John Hermanson
Clark Brown
Paul & Elizabeth Damico-Carper
The Vigil Toast!
* – The Tim Brown, Brenda Bos, Sara Pearson tapes have been lost. One day they will be found and they will be posted here.