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Announcing the Triduum Project!

If your facebook feed has been anything like ours over the past couple of weeks, you’ve seen link after link to congregational live stream. We are all doing similar things at the same time and none of it can match the power of gathering as we usually do. While we must be meeting virtually for Holy Week we thought, why not use this medium to try something we couldn’t do before?

We are creating a 54 hour live stream, vigil for the Three Days. Over the course of the three days we hope to stitch together a diverse and rich tableau of clergy and lay people, musicians and artists, dancers and nerds, worship and reflection, silliness and sincerity.

We’ve got lots of cool folks signed onto the project (including Tyra Dennis, Tuhina Rasche, Rachel Kurtz, Church of the Geek, Megan Rohrer, and, even, Tim Brown)! But we need you. Sign up to cover an hour shift and share your gifts with the stream!

You can find the link to the stream right here at!

The Triduum Project Team (Tyra Dennis, Matt Keadle, Zach Parris, Savanna Sullivan, and Manda Truchinski) have worked to make this project a reality.

Worst Ep Ever or ‘The Song of the Bowie’ (07.01.2018 – Pentecost 6B)

Literally, our worst podcast ever.
World Cup fashion. Houston prep. Jesus doesn’t cut his losses. The song of the bow(ie).

00:30 – Free Tibet / World Cup talk
10:00 – Houston Prep
16:45 – Time for the Text
17:00 – 2 Samuel
28:45 – Mark – Curing the hemorrhaging woman and Jairus’ daughter
41:00 – Good News – Jesus doesn’t cut his losses
41:30 – The Playlist

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