The Philistines were the 2018 Cavs (Pentecost 5B – 06.28.2018)

“Live” from “Portland” we talk portland, sports fashion, and debate the nudity of David in the fight with Goliath. Also, yacht rock.

The Playlist
Heroes – David Bowie
Dancing with the Big Boys – David Bowie
Sailing – Christopher Cross
Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie
Electrical Storm – U2
Walk Unafraid – R.E.M.

0:00 – Let’s talk Portland
4:40 – Let’s talk sports jerseys
7:30 – A Miracle in Austin
14:20 – Time for the Text
14:30 – David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
34:30 – Yacht rock with Jesus (Mark 4)
40:45 – Is Zach a mystic?
45:30 – The Playlist
50:10 – The Good News
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The Vinyl Preacher is supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and LuMin: the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network. It is produced by Nick Morris, aka Draze Force.


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