Somebody’s gotta fill out Judas’ term | the church and bureaucracy (05.13.2018)


First we breakdown the Kanye West stuff, then Mother’s Day, and finally, Ascension and Easter 7. Check. It. Out.

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The Theology of Beyoncé | 2018 Coachella Live Show

bey theology.jpg

This week’s episode comes to you live from Coachella the morning after Beyoncé’s incredible performance. Art, liturgy, music, theology, it was the best preaching we’ve heard all year! We thought we had been to Salvation Mountain earlier on the trip, but the transfiguration was still to come.

Let’s talk Tarps – 1:48
Ceviche for Camping – 4:15
The Great Salton Sea – 7:50
2 Kings 6.6 – 8:30
What’s ICE-t praying for? – 14:00
Coachella Artist Rundown – 16:00
BEYONCE!!!! – 38:50
Time for the Text – 52:30
Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch – 53:45
John 15 – 1:04:00
Good News – 1:11:00
QnA – 1:13:15

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